What is Holistic Wellness?

What are us humans

Humans are the sum total of our physical, mental, social, financial, environmental and spiritual states and all permutations and combinations of interactions among ourselves from a manifestation of all these states within each of us.

The world we live in…

…is still a beautiful place if you know how to adapt and influence in however small a way to make it better.

Why HolisticWellness©

HolisticWellness© was born out of 4 years of research into how ordinary people make extraordinary choices and achieve extraordinary things, seeing it thru the prism of Wellness in not just one dimension but holistically. Added to this was research from studying other Wellness and Wellbeing findings including Gallup, the University of Illinois, the National Wellness Institute etc. to name a few and drawing from time tested ancient Indian and oriental wellness practises, decades of anecdotal and life-experiences, culminating in evidence of the power of:

  1. Becoming aware of the concept of wellness and what it is composed of
  2. Go actively seeking it
  3. Garnering the tools and techniques to address specific deficits
  4. Experiencing the movement of WellnessEnergy© from one WellnessStrength© to another in need, that will result in a strengthening of both-the more you draw from one and share the stronger both get
  5. This results in a better defined way to acheive sustained happiness and realizing your dreams!

Holistic Wellness is the pursuit of actions on 6 key dimensions we live on out of many, leading to a state of sustained well-being, no matter what. It provides a perenial source of reasoning to be happy under any circumstances.

What is WellnessEnergy© and how it flows from one to another to heal and grow well-being

Wellness energy is positive energy that is available from areas of wellness strengths as perceived by you. Example, if you perceive yourself as being physically strong, you could use that perception to channelize that positive energy bestowed within you to strengthen any other wellness area that you perceive a deficit. For instance you could use the good physical health to strength your mental health and wellbeing. goHolisticWellness© tells you how.



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