We make a living by what we get

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


Imperfect life

Sarah Darling’s life got seriously plunged into an a imperfect life when she discovered she lost her most loved diamond ring. She almost never took it off, but it was giving her a bit of a rash so she did, zipping it in her coin purse for safe keeping. Later, she absentmindedly emptied the contents […]


Spiritual Wellness

We talked about the 6 situations or circumstances our social circumstances, our financial circumstances, our physical circumstance, our mental circumstance and our environmental circumstance. A newly evolving circumstance is our spiritual circumstance. Circumstance is a fact or condition connected with or relevant to an event or action; An event or fact that causes or helps […]


Defined Happiness

We have defined Happiness as being contextually influenced state of well-being. We have called out 6 contexts to be happy that will cover 80% or more of our activities of daily living. Now lets combine the two and see what we get for Perfect Happiness. Perfect happiness is Happiness that has all the required or […]


The definition of Happiness

Lets now move on to what is the definition of Happiness. wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn defines Happiness as a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. What my research shows is that Happiness is contextual and you can acheive happiness that looks different in different situations or circumstances. So it is important to […]



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