Go Holistic Wellness Teller

Use the goHolisticWellness Teller © to measure and improve your ability to Live Life Holistically Well.

The primary component of the goHolisticWellness Program is the goHolisticWellness Teller ©, an assessment that measures your holistic wellness over time. When you take the goHolisticWellness Teller ©, you will receive a scorecard with your overall Holistic Wellness score as well as your score in each of the six dimensions of Holistic Wellness: Financial Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Social Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness.

The recommended frequency to measure this is ideally not sooner than monthly. Taking the assessment the first time will help establish a baseline for you. Measuring it regularly will Tell how holistically well you are living your life over time and if the choices and actions you are taking is making positive changes or negative changes towards your overall ability to Live Holistically Well.

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